Fishing Vessel Lucille, Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
Unalaska/Dutch Harbor is just a 2 hour flight away from Anchorage. Located approximately 800 miles southwest of Anchorage along the Aleutian Chain, the island is home to about 4,000 people.  One of the largest international fishing ports in Alaska, the land is rich with culture, history, and wildlife.  Among the wildlife viewable on the island or in its surrounding waters are eagles, foxes, seals, and sea otters, as well as thousands of  migrating seabirds during season.Halibut, Salmon & Cod Fishing in Alaska

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Halibut, Salmon & Cod Fishing in Alaska
Fishing Vessel Lucille, Dave Magone, P.O. Box 920247, Dutch Harbor, Alaska 99692
Phone: 1 (907) 581-5949, Cell: 1 (907) 359-9134, e-mail:

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